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A complete set of Modbus Drivers

Modbus Master Driver No other Modbus protocol stack offers the variety of platforms, protocol variants, programming languages, and functionality of FieldTalk.

Benefit from a readily available protocol stack...
... and save development time. FieldTalk is easy to integrate into your application. The API is user-friendly and straightforward.

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Modbus Protocol Drivers & Libraries

Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, MODBUS/TCP libraries and drivers for .NET, NET Core, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Linux, QNX, Delphi, Java and UNIX.
NET Core Modbus

Modbus .NET and .NET Core

Visual Basic .net and C#
Modbus Master for .NET and .NET CoreModbus Slave for .NET and .NET Core
Visual C++

Modbus Windows

Visual C++
Modbus Master C++ Library for WindowsModbus Slave C++ Library for WindowsCommand Line Master Simulator
Windows CE Modbus

Modbus Windows CE

Visual C++
Modbus Master C++ Library for Windows CEModbus Master DLL Windows CEModbus Slave C++ Library for Windows CE
Linux Modbus

Modbus Linux

All major Linux distros and uCLinux
Modbus Master C++ Library for LinuxModbus Slave C++ Library for LinuxCommand Line Master Simulator
QNX Modbus

Modbus QNX

QNX 6 Neutrino and QNX 4
Modbus Master C++ Library for QNXModbus Slave C++ Library for QNXCommand Line Master Simulator
UNIX Modbus

Modbus UNIX

Solaris, HP-UX, SGI Irix, SCO/Openserver, DEC True 64/Digital UNIX, IBM AIX
Modbus Master C++ Library for UNIXModbus Slave C++ Library for UNIX
Delphi Modbus

Modbus Delphi

Modbus Master Library for Delphi
Java Modbus

Modbus Java

J2SE and most J2ME profiles
Modbus Master Java Package