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A complete set of Modbus Drivers

Modbus Master Driver No other Modbus protocol stack offers the variety of platforms, protocol variants, programming languages, and functionality of FieldTalk.

Benefit from a readily available protocol stack...
... and save development time. FieldTalk is easy to integrate into your application. The API is user-friendly and straightforward.

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Modbus Protocol Drivers & Libraries

Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, MODBUS/TCP libraries and drivers for .NET, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Linux, QNX, Borland C++, C++ Builder, Delphi, Java, Solaris and Unix.
Windows XP Modbus

Modbus .NET

Visual Basic .net and C#
Modbus Master for .NETModbus Slave for .NET
Windows XP Modbus

Modbus Windows

Visual C++ and Borland C++
Modbus Master C++ Library for WindowsModbus Master DLL WindowsModbus Slave C++ Library for WindowsCommand Line Master Simulator
Windows CE Modbus

Modbus Windows CE

eMbedded Visual C++
Modbus Master C++ Library for Windows CEModbus Master DLL Windows CEModbus Slave C++ Library for Windows CE
Delphi Modbus

Modbus Delphi

Modbus Master Library for Delphi
Java Modbus

Modbus Java

J2SE and most J2ME profiles
Modbus Master Java Package
Linux Modbus

Modbus Linux

All major Linux distros and uCLinux
Modbus Master C++ Library for LinuxModbus Slave C++ Library for LinuxCommand Line Master Simulator
QNX Modbus

Modbus QNX

QNX 6 Neutrino and QNX 4
Modbus Master C++ Library for QNXModbus Slave C++ Library for QNXCommand Line Master Simulator
Solaris Modbus

Modbus Solaris

SPARC and x86
Modbus Master C++ Library for SolarisModbus Slave C++ Library for SolarisCommand Line Master Simulator
UNIX Modbus

Modbus UNIX

HP-UX, SGI Irix, SCO/Openserver, DEC True 64/Digital UNIX, IBM AIX
Modbus Master C++ Library for UNIXModbus Slave C++ Library for UNIX