FieldTalk Reviews and Testimonials

The feedback we get from our customers speaks for itself and confirms that we deliver a reliable quality software package which is easy to use and integrate.

“I want to complement you on your FieldTalk Master package. It was the best $300 I’ve spent on software in quite some time. [...] The total elapsed time between when I took out my credit card to purchase the FieldTalk C++ package to the time I had your library compiling from scratch and linked to my application was approximately 60 minutes. Your documentation and header files are very well laid out, and the retry/reconnect and error reporting features are just what the doctor ordered. The repaired application is in the field and working well. Thank you so much for making this available, ”
Tony Berke
River City Software, LLC
“My application layer works well and is actually writing data received through Modbus to an SQL database. It is working very nicely! I have nothing but positive feedback for FieldTalk and, in fact, we would not have been able to get this project out as quickly without FieldTalk. Thanks for your support! ”
Jason Donnell
FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions Inc.
“Hi, We've been using your Modbus FieldTalk library for .NET since last year and it's worked great for us. ”
Paul Trauger
AppWare, LLC
“Everything is proceeding quite well. [..] So, good, you have another happy customer. ”
Daniel Dangraz
“We went ahead with a 2 developer license purchase. Unsolicited feedback – this toolkit is very, very good. Everything I could have hoped for. Thank you! ”
Brad Witter
Blue Pillar, Inc.
“Wanted to let you know your tool ROCKS!!!! I will use it to confirm my MODBUS setups are working correctly from now on!!! I only have one request / suggestion... Add a switch to swap the register polling order... MSB/LSB or LSB/MSB... Again... Love the tool!!! ”
Jason Swartz
BP Wind Energy
“The software is wonderful; only suggestion is to have more examples in the documentation. ”
David Schuler
GDS Corp.
“Just wanted to let you know how the first test with my software went. Flawless. Thanks again for all your assistance. ”
Chris McGrew
Process Solutions
“Mike had recommended I check out FieldTalk from I wired the units this week, but expected to take another 2 weeks getting them to talk to me. However, installation was simple (great connectors) and the 6052 responded the first time with 2 lines (!) of ModBus code. [...] this software package is excellent. ”
David Williams
Diedrich Manufacturing
“First I would like to say job well done with this product. Your help file is very useful, and the class functions were easily integrated into one of my current test/evaluation applications. ”
Kevin Bodily
METALAST International
“About 3 months ago, I bought a copy of the Focus C++ Modbus Master library, and I am happy to report that I am very pleased with the product. ”
Philip Hart
Virtutility Ltd
“By the way, your driver is excellent! ”
Jason Craig
Crimtech Services Ltd.
“I was impressed with the documentation and ease of using FieldTalk. What I liked most, was its .net implementation. We are currently using a WAGO proprietary c dll for modbus which is used inside a .net application. We were having problems writing to the digital input modules, so we wanted to get a hold of another modbus solution ... ”
Jeremy Payne
“I bought the package and it works fine. No problems up till now. I previously used Parijat but it could not handle function 23. This package is much easier to use. I ported the Parijat code to yours in less than one day. ”
Machuut van der Palen
Emotron B.V.
“We were very happy using your protocol stack and be able to establish communication within about 2 hours. ”
Martin Labbe
Cristal controls ltd
“I'd say the evaluation went very well. So well, I brought a copy. Installation was simple, documentation got me up and going in minutes, the routines all worked the first time. In short, a great package! ”
Chuck Pint
“We have used it with Visual C++ 7.1 to make a "plug-in" DLL for the company's products which dynamically loads a description of a MODBUS device, configures memory to mirror it, then initiates a timed loop to periodically read from it. It is working well with one end device, and we will have several more devices in testing shortly. ”
Patrick Ritter
Statmon Technologies Corp.
“I purchased the client lib for Linux, and it worked on a 68K uClinux target right out of the box, after only setting ARCHITECTURE and CPU_FLAG in platform.uclinux. So far, I have no need for the master lib, but that might change in future. I appreciate your good work! ”
Hans Wilmers
Wilmers Instruments
“In minutes, I was talking to my Quantum Modbus PLC. Thank you for a simple to use package with great documentation! You can put Working Machines Corporation on your list of satisfied customers. ”
Mike McFarland
Working Machines Corporation
“I purchased a license for the Linux version of FieldTalk a couple of months ago and I'm using it regularly. I'm very pleased with it. We are using it in an embedded comunications portal running Linux which is made by Axis Communications. [...] It's a great product! ”
Wade Franklin
EnerNex Corporation
“We bought a Modbus package in C++ (both master and slave, source code inclued) from [...]. It works wonderfully. We can not write this entire package with the cost of few hundreds bucks! Highly recommended... ”
Khoi Tran
“FOCUS Software Engineering [now proconX] offered us a solid foundation of classes to build on and extend from. The software package is bug free and their support is excellent. In addition, they helped us tremendously in meeting our target dates by delivering products on time and within budget. ”
Raed Abdallah
vMonitor Inc
“We have had good success with the stack on uCLinux. While our project is not going forward next year (budget cuts and priority calls), it did allow us to meet all of our deadlines for this year. We thank you for your assistance with the port. ”
Jonathan Schwabe
Eaton Corporation
“I definitely have to say that your libraries have significantly diminished my development time, and made management happy (a nice bonus). ”
Ryan Baillargeon
Fuel Cell Technologies
“I just wanted to take the time to say that I have been really pleased with the software and have been able to implement and test the set of private messages we are using for our application. Everything is working well on the Windows 2000 test bed. [...] Thanks again for all of the great support. ”