About proconX Professional Fieldbus Connections

proconX is an independent hardware & software engineering house that develops, manufactures and markets proconX Protocol Converter and Industrial Gateways as well as FieldTalk Modbus Communication Drivers.

Founded in 2001 as "FOCUS Software Engineering" and renamed to "proconX" in 2007, the company is privately held and is based in Brisbane, Australia.

proconX has gained worldwide reputation as developer of reliable fieldbus drivers and embedded firmware, amongst them the well-known FieldTalk Modbus libraries.

proconX's products are used by Industrial Automation customers worldwide including fortune 500 companies, due to it's sophisticated and clean architecture, robustness and good design which is based on a sound mix of solid engineering knowledge and industry experience.

And we also don't forget the most important part: we offer excellent support from people who understand the technology.