Modbus Software, Driver and Libraries

Modbus Driver Complete: FieldTalk

Modbus Master Driver No other Modbus protocol stack offers the variety of platforms, protocol variants, programming languages, and functionality of FieldTalk.

Benefit from a readily available Modbus protocol stack...

... and save development time. FieldTalk is easy to integrate into your application. The API is user-friendly and straightforward.

Your Investment is secure

The library distribution contains source code and documentation as well as a 12-month update guarantee.

The licensing scheme is designed for commercial OEM users. No GPL or 3rd party license issues. We offer a no-nonsense per-developer-seat - no-royalty license.

Engineered for Control and Supervisory Systems

Typical applications are Modbus based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), Modbus data concentrators, Modbus gateways, User Interfaces and Factory Information Systems (FIS). The Java Modbus edition helps publishing plant floor data on the web using Java applets and Java servlets.

During the course of implementation, the usability in automation, control and other industrial environments was always kept in mind. The result is a well performing and robust Modbus library.

The Architecture

The FieldTalk architecture is based on a programming language neutral but object oriented design model. This design approach enables us to offer the Modbus protocol stacks for C#,, Java, Object Pascal and for C++ while maintaining similar functionality.

The C++ editions of the Modbus protocol stack have also been designed to support multiple operating system and compiler platforms, including real-time operating systems. In order to support this multi-platform approach, the C++ Modbus editions are built around a lightweight OS abstraction layer.

Main Features

  • Well documented user friendly API
  • Straightforward per-developer-seat software license, no royalties or GPL
  • Source code is part of delivery (C++ and Java Editions only)
  • Sample applications are included
  • Robust design, suitable for real-time and industrial applications
  • Multi-platform architecture
  • Scalable: you can use serial protocols only or TCP/IP or all of them

Custom Design

If you are interested in a platform, which is not listed, please feel free to enquire about the availability of a Modbus driver for your platform. Our code base is designed around a flexible platform abstraction layer, which enables us to port to other platforms fairly easily.