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FieldTalk Reviews and Testimonials

Feedback from our customers ...

"In minutes, I was talking to my Quantum Modbus PLC. Thank you for a simple to use package with great documentation! You can put Working Machines Corporation on your list of satisfied customers."

Mike McFarland
Working Machines Corporation, Berkeley, USA

"I purchased a license for the Linux version of FieldTalk a couple of months ago and I'm using it regularly. I'm very pleased with it. We are using it in an embedded comunications portal running Linux which is made by Axis Communications. [...] It's a great product!"

Wade Franklin
Software Engineer
EnerNex Corporation

"We bought a Modbus package in C++ (both master and slave, source code inclued) from Focus Engineering, It works wonderfully. We can not write this entire package with the cost of few hundreds bucks!
Highly recommended..."

Khoi Tran

"I purchased the [Modbus] client lib for Linux, and it worked on a 68K uClinux target right out of the box, after only setting ARCHITECTURE and CPU_FLAG in platform.uclinux. [...] I appreciate your good work!"

Hans Wilmers
Wilmers Instruments, Norway

"FOCUS software engineering offered us a solid foundation of classes to build on and extend from. The software package is bug free and their support is excellent. In addition, they helped us tremendously in meeting our target dates by delivering products on time and within budget."

Raed Abdallah
vMonitor Inc, Houston, USA

"I definitely have to say that your [Modbus] libraries have significantly diminished my development time, and made management happy (a nice bonus)."

Ryan Baillargeon
Fuel Cell Technologies, Kingston, Canada

"We have had good success with the [Modbus] stack on uCLinux. While our project is not going forward next year (budget cuts and priority calls), it did allow us to meet all of our deadlines for this year. We thank you for your assistance with the port."

Jonathan Schwabe
Software Engineer
Eaton Corporation, Milwaukee, USA

"I just wanted to take the time to say that I have been really pleased with the [Modbus] software and have been able to implement and test the set of private messages we are using for our application. Everything is working well on the Windows 2000 test bed. [...] Thanks again for all of the great support."

John K. Turner, P. Eng.
Manager, Software Development
GasTOPS Ltd, Ottawa, Canada